STALKO IPL LLC was founded in 2001 by IPLANA – a company with years of experience in aluminum treatment. The main purpose of founding was performing a full range of design, manufacturing and installation of glass and aluminum curtain wall constructions of complex architectural design.

Over the past years STALKO IPL developed and put into operation more than 3000 object with various complexity degrees. Geography of works spans more than 10 regions of the Russian Federation. The gained experience and qualification allow to create a wide output line as different curtain wall systems of any

Own lines of powder coating, anodizing and decoration

Existing powerful manufacturing facilities is the one of the core competence and the only one in Russia in terms of technical capability. It allows us to perform all kinds of surface finishing for aluminum profile and components.

The manufacturing base is equipped from the leading European companies and includes automatic powder coating line, anodizing line and decoration line. The quality of surface finishing is confirmed by the international certificates QUALANOD and QUALICOAT (SEASIDE).

Geography of building objects STALKO IPL


The main activity fields of STALKO IPL are developing, manufacturing and installation of glass and aluminum curtain wall constructions of any complexity. We supply and support windows, facades, skylight constructions to a building object.

Our company bases on multi-system principle and use the best aluminum profile systems of the leading international and domestic manufacturers: SCHUECO, ALUTECH, SIAL, AGS. Direct contracts with manufacturers insure quick order picking due to availability of the complete profile range in stock. It allows us to offer the most competitive prices to our customers with a minimal manufacturing period.

STALKO IPL performs a full scope of works for curtain wall constructions: design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. Applying a wide variety of cladding materials including aluminum composite panels, porcelain tiles, minerit together with using subsystems of aluminum and stainless steel allow to underline personality and originality of any executed project. We base ourselves upon purpose and structure of building, architectural solutions and customer requirements. Simplicity and reliability of design solutions make possible installation of curtain wall constructions in the shortest time.

There are more than 200 employees in the company.

The powerful industrial base with the modern high performance equipment lets us offering a wide range of products and carry out producing and installation of more than 10 000 square meters of constructions per month.

The staff of experienced highly qualified professionals allows us to implement complex manufacturing challenges with the highest level of product quality. We can solve complex technical issues in design, manufacturing and installation constructions of any complexity combining it with a progressive approach to a work regime.

Well-organized transport service and availability of own vehicle fleet ensures delivery of constructions by a target date.

Continuously improving the quality of products and services we meet to the high quality manufacturing and installation standards.

Since 2010STALKO IPL is a member of a SRO.

2001  – Foundation of STALKO IPL
2005  – Started manufacturing on system of German company Schueco
2007  – Opened a new division for arrangement of storefronts
2008  – Anindustrial-office building of 1 400 м2 is put into operation
2009  – The lines for powder coating and anodizing are certified according to the international standard Qualicoat, Qualianod
2012  – A new industrial-warehouse complex of 4 600 м2 is put into operation
2013  – Starteda new decoration line
2013  – Started producing of fireproof constructions
2014  – Started a new fully automated powder coating line
2014  – Mastered producing of unitized facades


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Our partners


In 2012 STALKO IPL built and put into operation a new production building of ​​4600 square meters total area. Manufacturing is fitted out with a full range of high-precision equipment of German company ELUMATEC and Italian companiesLGF andEmmegy. Optimally chosen equipment considering all production needs allowed to achieve the most efficient exploitation of production facilities and high quality and accuracy of manufactured constructions. An important role in manufacturing process plays an adoption of integrated manufacturing automation solutions that links designing and production stages into the one.

Our manufacturing is able to produce constructions of any complexity: winter gardens, skylight constructions, curtain walls, windows, doors, entrance lobbies and façade systems for retail, office, industrial and residential buildings. For manufacturing are used profile systems from leading domestic manufacturers: ALUTECH, SIAL, AGS; andGerman profile system SCHUECO – a leading European company in design, operational and thermo-physical properties.

Our Design Department employs 12 skilled professionals and is equipped with facilities for computer-aided design and high-end graphics modules for Cad Design.

After signing a contract the Design Department proceeds directly to a project implementation that consists of several stages:

  • Static calculating in accordance with requirements of current Construction Standards and Regulations. At this stage a structural load is calculated (snow, wind and others), materials are selected and a cross-section of supporting construction elements is determined. At this stage is required to pay a special attention at own construction weight and a weight of insulating glass.
  • Performing of general design solutions. At this stage are develop all structural elements and main joints of a project.
  • Final approval ofarchitectural design, dimensions, joints and all junctions – CM stage.
  • Drawing of structural elements (detailing) for subsequent sending to manufacturing – CMD stage.

Installation is the final stage of order executing which requires special attention.

Installation Division of STALKO IPL employs more than 140 people.

We carry out installation of curtain wall and façade systems, windows, doors and winter gardens at high professional level due to the wide experience of Engineering, exact tasks assignment, flexibility and narrow specialization of individual workers in installation team, including possibility to work at height using climbers. Undoubtedly having full technical equipment and using modern technologies and consumable items are contributes.

The accuracy of assembling on site is a mandatory requirement as the quality of building structures and accordingly indoors comfort level are largely depend on correct execution of these works precisely. All joints of constructions are developed at the early stage of a project by a leading design engineer involving a work executor from SMR. The final part of installation is adjustment of all opening elements and preparation the final construction to be passed to the Customer.

A mandatory part of order support is a service during warranty and post-warranty period.

In order to optimize a manufacturing process a lot of companies give their raw materials to be processed in other organizations. That`s why the customer-owned processing is a one of the most important business line of our plant. Manufacturing and human resources allow us to carry out manufacturing constructions using customer`s raw in a complex:

  • developing structural engineering drawings by specialists from our design-office
  • obtaining and sorting customers` materials
  • warehousing customers` materials
  • applying finish coating (powder coating, anodizing, sublimation decoration);
  • profiles` rolling;
  • constructions` manufacturing;
  • steel brackets and abutting joints` manufacturing;
  • recycling and recovery;
  • missing materials` purchasing;
  • reporting to a customer on finished products and materials used;
  • finished products` transportation;

Prices for customer-owned raw processing:

Description Measure unit Price with VAT* (RUB)
AGS doors м2 1 600,00
SCHUCO doors м2 1 800,00
Green house м2 1 440,00
Blank windows AGS м2 400,00
Tilt and turn windows AGS м2 900,00
Blank windows SCHUECO м2 500­ — 600,00
Tilt and turn windows SCHUECO м2 1 130­ — 1 400,00

Facades (post-bar)

м2 550 — 750

Protruding balconies (unwarmed)

м2 500 — 650

Sliding constructions

м2 1 980,00


* More detailed calculation you can get by contacting our specialists over the phone +7 (495) 543-3222

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STALKO IPL is pleased to offer aluminum windows and doors.The capabilities of our company in design, manufacturing and installation allow to output doors and windows using different aluminum systems with a wide variety of design and opening arrangement. Constructions of aluminum windows and doors are divided into the two main types differing on application:

  • “Cold” constructions use profiles without insulating thermal breaks for applying in unheated areas or in internal heated spaces.
  • “Warm” constructions use profiles with insulating thermal breaks for applying in heated residential and non-residential spaces.

Using architectural hardware allows various ways of opening:

  • Turn, turn/tilt, hinged, parallel-opening;
  • Opening outwards or inwards, with overlaid or hidden hardware, with overlapped or butted casements;
  • Opening manually or by electric drive;
  • Anti-burglary construction.

Windows and doors are made with parallel-sliding hardware allow covering large openings and at the same time to save space, as such system requires less space than a push-open one. All sliding constructions are featured by easyswing and do not require much effort to open. Folding and sliding constructions (multifolding doors) can significantly increase space blurring borders between indoors and outdoors. Window casements are easily fold in ward or out ward or shifted to any side.

Manufacturing of aluminum windows and doors using Schueco system allows offering constructions with fully automated opening drive. Such constructions are opened and closed with a simple click of a button. Besides such system allows to control opening and closing of several windows at the same time, even if they are located in different rooms and on separated floors.

Automatic doors are equipped with a secure electric drive that makes able to providethe highestpassing ability. That is very important e.g. for railway stations, airports, malls and business centers.

The fitting solutions proposed for aluminum constructions make possible to underline a style and a dignified appearance of a building.

Aluminum windows and doors that we produce meet all regulatory requirements of normative documents.

Technical capabilities and using durable and sustainable building materials in manufacturing and installation of aluminum façade systems allow maximizing a glass area; thereby a building obtains especially elegant appearance. The top of architectural design is a structural glazing we propose, where on an outer façade there onlyglass is visible.

Our company offers aluminum profile systems for glazing from Russian (SIAL, AGS, REALIT) and foreign (SCHUECO, ALUTECH) manufacturers that makes possible operating in a wide price range. Aluminum façade profile systems are used as for glazing large flat façades as well as for manufacturing of curved spatial constructions. That enables to implement different extraordinary technical and architectural solutions.

For glass and aluminum curtain walls are used two types of profiles – “cold” and “warm”:

  • “Cold” profiles with high thermal conductivity and without insulating thermal breaks are used for indoor, for outfitting anterooms and a second glazing line.
  • “Warm” profiles have insulating thermal breaks that provide better resistances to heat transferring are used to obtain a thermal circuit of a building.

Implementation of the boldest architectural ideas is largely achieved by using different color solutions and fillers. Aluminum mullions and rails could be anodized or coated in anyRAL scale shade (including two-tone coating) or decorated as precious woods. There are a lot of glass packs could be used: vision glass, spandrel and tinted glass, energy-saving glass, monolithic heat strengthened glass, glass with a colored coating (frit) and polyester film, triplex and “Emalit” glass.

Due to innovative technologies and materials used by STALKO IPL skylight constructions are able to bear not only functional load (1.5 times greater light transmittance, ventilation, smoke removal than for vertical glazing) but also aesthetic meaning. It gives a unique appearance to a building — from a flat horizontal roof and to a complex geometric construction. Such constructions are applied in industrial, commercial and office buildings, sports facilities, etc. They can be installed on flat and pitched roofs and have casements with different ways of opening: mechanical, electrical, remotely.

During designing a lot of issues arise and require technical foundation and solution. For example where a construction will be placed, how to work out building joints, whereto install windows and ventilation system, how to make airing and shading.

Wide experience in implementation skylight constructions allows our experts to find solutions on arising issues and create constructions of any complexity.

Design, manufacturing and installation of a greenhouse are the most technologically complex solutions in architectural and engineering among all resultants we produce using glass and aluminum curtain wall system.

The main tasks we solve during designing and manufacturing is accuracy in measuring of complex surfaces and shapes:

  • Calculating of strength properties, wind and snow load, load distribution onsupporting elements;
  • Calculating and recommendations on temperature conditions and heating;
  • Calculating of internal condensate and outdoor water draining;
  • Working out issuesonventilation andairing;
  • Optimization of a prime cost;
  • Selection of  fillers` security level on customer`s request;
  • Developing and approving of greenhouse architectural solutions.

Only carefully elaborated solutions and the highest quality of used materials ensure reliability and durability of constructions.

STALKO IPL provides a fullrange of services for greenhouses: calculation, design, approval, manufacturing and installation, usingself-supporting aluminum systems from Russian (AGS, REALIT) or foreign(SCHUECO, ALUTECH) manufacturers as well as steel skeleton for a large space area glazing. Opening construction parts are also made ​​of high-quality elements. Particularattention is given toglass packs in order to provide sound insulation, heat keeping and perform as safety glazing.

During constructions installation we carefully comply assembling and sealing technology. Our partners get high-quality product ready-to-use.

Gained experience in glazing of galleries and loggias allows us to create a sunny place, protected from wind, dust, atmospheric precipitation and street noise. Used aluminum systems combine rationality and efficiency; they are durable and require minimal service.

For galleries glazingSTALKO IPL offers variety design solutions. It could be performed in various options: from parapetto upper slab, from bottom slab to upper slab, cantilevered-hinged, with or without roofs and sidewalls, etc. A wide range of applied angular and connecting elements enables to make design and glazing construction extremely manifold.

Fireproof windows

STALKO IPL produces fireproof windows for fire barriers: walls, partitions, tambour-gateways of public and industrial buildings and facilities of the following types:

  • Fireproof window EIW-15 (fire-resistance rating 15 minutes);
  • Fireproof window EIW-30 (fire-resistance rating 30 minutes);
  • Fireproof window EIW-45 (fire-resistance rating 45 minutes);
  • Fireproof window EIW-60 (fire-resistance rating 60 minutes).

Fireproof windows are manufactured from aluminum profiles separated with thermal break made by domestic and foreign manufacturers. For filling are used different types of glass packs using of architectural tinted, heat-kept, safe and multifunctional in addition to a mandatory fire-resistant glass.

Fireproof doors

STALKO IPL produces the following types of fireproof doors:

  • Fireproof door EIW-15 (fire-resistance rating 15 minutes);
  • Fireproof door EIW-30 (fire-resistance rating 30 minutes);
  • Fireproof door EIW-45 (fire-resistance rating 45 minutes);
  • Fireproof door EIW-60 (fire-resistance rating 60 minutes).

Fireproof doors made from glass and aluminum help to solve a complex issue of building`s fire safety without compromising of inner and outer design. These doors do not differ greatly from conventional glazed doors and there by keep the unity of internal style in commercial, office and industrial areas.

For skylight fireproof glazing there area lot of solutions depending on initial structural conditions. STALKO IPL has wide experience in this area with strictly individual approach to each object.

A fire-glazed roof structure does no fundamental differ from a non-fireproof one. The most common options include the following:

1. Self-supporting aluminum cage made from profiles (from domestic or foreign manufacturers) is brought todesired fire resistance degree.
2. A steel cage of a roof construction treated in a special way. Supporting steel cage must be treated with a fireproof composition and meet the required fire resistance class in terms of R (supporting capacity).

It should be noted that in order to provide the required fire resistance of roofglazing it`s necessary to impose higher demand on a fireproof glass. As a rule at inclination of more than 30° from vertical it is used glass for horizontal glazing.

Fireproof partitions are designed for filling openings of non-load-bearing building constructions and to prevent fire spreading and its hazards in buildings and facilities of manifold types.

STALKO IPL produces fireproof partitions of the following types:

  • Fireproof partition EIW-15 (fire-resistance rating 15 minutes);
  • Fireproof partition EIW-30 (fire-resistance rating 30 minutes);
  • Fireproof partition EIW-45 (fire-resistance rating 45 minutes);
  • Fireproof partition EIW-60 (fire-resistance rating 60 minutes).

STALKO IPL provides a full range of works for construction and assembling facades with ventilated air gap: designing, equipping, delivery and installation. A wide variety of materials, selected architectural solutions and customer requirements allow to underline personality and originality of any executed project. Simplicity and reliability of constructive solutions make possible façades` installation in the shortest time.

There are several major advantages of using curtain wall façade system:

  • Thermal insulation;
  • Removal of moisture generated by water vapor diffusion from supporting and non-load-bearing building constructions;
  • Atmospheric protection of s load-bearing walls;
  • Increasing noise- and soundproofing insulation;
  • Relatively low requirements to finishing level during of main walls pre-treatment;
  • Excellent appearance.

Giving great importance to customer needs` researching we are glad to offer advanced technologies and materials for manufacturing and installation of curtain wall façade system.


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Center for Rhythmic Gymnastics of Irina Vinner-Usmanova on the territory of Olympic Complex «LUZHNIKI»

Swimming center of Olympic Complex «LUZHNIKI»


The shopping center, Vidnoe



Residential Complex «Symbol»



Sport volleyball arena «Match Point»


Residential Complex «Mayakovskiy»

Residential Complex «Zelyonyi Kvartal»


VTB Arena Park, Moscow


Residential Complex «Layner»

The Residential Complex “Novogorsk”, 3 corps + school of Boxing

Restaurant «Zolotaya Balka» in Sevastopol, Crimea

Reconstruction of building «Vympel», Moscow

Central Clinical Hospital and Polyclinic, Moscow


Railway terminal Aeroexpress, Domodedovo

Residential district, Mytischi, lyotnaya street

Metro station «Technopark», Moscow


National center of the Ministry of defense, Moscow

Dwelling house, MO, Korolev, pioneer street, home 19/29

School, Odintsovo district

High-strength Fasteners Plant «Bervel», Ryazan region


Boarding school «absolute», Serpukhov region

The Moscow city Duma, Moscow

Residential complex, Odintsovo district


State Public Scientific Technical Library, Moscow

Administrative office building, Moscow

The shopping center «Gagarinsky», Ivanteevka


The shopping center «MEGA Grinn», Belgorod

Fitness center, Khimki

Multifunctional car Parking complex, Korolev



The Pension “Breryozovaya Roscha”, Mytischi Moscow Region

The State Research Center of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

The laboratory complex of “Corporation “Tactical Missiles” JSC

Medical center «Beta», Dubna

Broadcasting company «Mayak», Dubna

Moscow Engineering plant «Znamya», Moscow


Shopping center «Rublevsky», Moscow

Residential building, Moscow, Dybenko street


Residential house, Tver, Mar. Konev street

Residential house, Moscow, Smolny street

Residential house, Moscow, «Levoberegniy» district

Shopping and office center, Pushkino


The Cottage Vilage “Vysokiy Bereg”, Istra district

Shopping Center, Bronnitsy

Shopping center «Zhulebino», Moscow

Residential house, Moscow


The dome store, Moscow

Shopping and office centre «Flagman», Pushkino

Residential building, Moscow, Khodynka street

Residential building, Moscow, Khodynka str.

Residential complex «Coliseum», Korolev



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